eCom Success Academy Review

1113The competence in eCommerce is huge, but the rewards if you succeed are huge as well. Is not a secret, you can make a lot of money through an eCommerce store, but before you go running to start selling things on the internet, I’m going to say that isn’t that easy, at least without a proper formation on the topic.

You can read and read for hours on the Internet, learning and improving your eCommerce abilities in order to sell more (or even sell once). But when it comes to winning the jackpot and make huge money online, it is necessary more than just read, you just need to learn from the best.

Most of the online courses are a scam or will not teach you nothing really. Amongst that huge amount of courses a few are really useful and there it is the eCom Success Academy by Adrian Morrison, an approach that has been proven that works for Adrian and help him to make a fortune.

Adrian Morrison used Shopify as a bridge to the financial freedom, and you can use it as well. eCommerce sites are a bunch, but a Shopify is one of the most famous and with the huge growth of the Internet, this is where we are going to focus.

What Does eCom Success Academy It Is?

Somebody saw that there weren’t real or trustable courses on the internet about eCommerce, and that guy was Adrian Morrison and he decided to publish its new eCom Success Academy training course.

In this course you will know how Adrian Morrison built a 400.000$ per month eCommerce business without investment, warehousing and completely free of seeing or touching the products he sold using drop shipping, sounds incredible isn’t it? The best about it is that it is achievable, it’s real and in this course they are going to teach you how to do it.

Not only you will know how he made that amount the money in just 8 months running his store, you will also learn to implement it to yourself in your own store and with efforts and dedication make the same amount of money or even more using not only Shopify, rather every eCommerce sites.

Should I Trust On This Course?

You must trust on this course and especially in Adrian Morrison, he is responsible for the largest internet marketing campaigns in the last 10 years. He has a book with over 250.000 sales and definitely is someone who is an expert in Digital Marketing.

eCom Success Academy by Adrian Morrison is a trustable, efficient and proven course for rocketing your sales and learn how to manage your Shopify store. The best part about the course is that Shopify is promoting this course and created a contest. The contest is about to create a store in Shopify and within 60 days you must be able to be at top 3 of revenue generator in order to win the contest.

The rewards? Priceless. Shopify will take them to Shopify HQ in Canada to spend a day with Adrian to will train them. Another reward is speak for 20 minutes and meet everyone.

What Are The Benefits of This Course?

By doing this course you will be able to start your own Shopify store and make money online. In the offer, Adrian and his team will give 4 weeks of daily coaching, 7 days a week and for 4 weeks. In addition, they will teach you:

  • How to setup your store. You will know how to create a store and set up everything to make it run.
  • How to succeed with Facebook and Google ads. With ads you will traffic more people to your site and increase the conversion.
  • How to treat clients and improve your customer service. Essential not only in eCommerce, in every business.
  • How to do email marketing. How to attract people mastering the art of email marketing.

In a few sentence, they will pave the road you will take in order to start a successful Shopify store. You will receive a blueprint provided by the author and exploit the software which generates plenty of traffic and increase sales.

This course has enough benefits to taking advantage and become a successful entrepreneur without failures because Adrian himself will be aside you at every step so you will not make this process alone in the course’ duration.



ConversionFly Review


 Introducing ConversionFly From the Desk of Todd Brown

A Funnel Tracking, Reporting & Optimizing Tool Your Tribe Will Love


What Makes ConversionFly So Unique?

Order ConversionFly and You’ll get:

  • Cross-Platform Lossless Tracking
  • Breakeven Speed Analysis
  • Organic Traffic Tracking & ROI Reports
  • Funnel Jump Revenue Reporting
  • Individual Traffic Source Split-Testing
  • Lifetime Customer Value Tracking

All These and many more are reasons why your Subscribers have no Choice than to love it.



  • Shows you how every stage of every funnel is converting
  • Shows you how traffic sources, ads, and links are performing
  • Gives you reports on over 15 different critical direct response metrics

including: Breakeven Speed & Lifetime Customer Value, tracks the performance of your organic traffic, blog traffic, social media traffic, and paid traffic.


Don’t Let Your Competitors Get The Credit For Being The One To Introduce Your Tribe To The Biggest Breakthrough In Marketing Funnel Tracking, Reporting, & Optimizing


Get A Copy of Todd Brown’s ConversionFly and Be Set apart from other competitors


The Circle of Profit – Anik Singal

Make Money Helping Others And Yourself the-circle-of-profit-anik-singal

How often do opportunities come up that enable you to make money while helping others and yourself all at the same time? Probably not too often when you think about it. However, that is exactly what you can do when you follow the path draw up by Anik Singal.

Do you know some information about a topic that not everyone else knows about? Perhaps you have some special knowledge about how the stock market works, or how to build a race car, or scientific ways to clean your house better. Whatever the case may be, if you have some knowledge that other people seek, then you have a way to make money online.

Anik Singal has pointed many in the direct of digital publishing and the power that it has to help them make money online. What he knows is that through the use of a few simple steps, virtually anyone can start to share the knowledge that they have with others and start making money for doing so.

The reality is that 63% of people who go online are searching for information. This means that digital publishing is often where they turn to find such information. They understand that there are others out there who know about things which they currently do not know about. With that in mind, they turn to the Internet for answers.

So, how do all of this equate to money in your pocket? Well, you have to start with some online marketing efforts for the publications that you put out on the Internet. Keep in mind that the Internet is a vast and ever expanding place. It can be very difficult to find the information you have placed on the Internet if you are not using online marketing to reach your audience.

There are different forms of online marketing which may be useful to you. Since you likely want to expand your reader base (and therefore your profit) as quickly as possible, consider an affiliate marketing model to get that done.

Affiliate marketing is simply the process of paying others (affiliates) a small amount of money in order to market your materials for you. This means that if they have benefited in some way from the information you have placed on the Internet, they can spread the word to others who may want to know about it as well. When they convert someone else to purchase your material, they receive a small cut of the profits.

This model is helpful to everyone involved in the transaction and creates a so called “circle of profit”. It is basically the simple idea that when people work together towards a common goal, all can profit. You receive monetary profit for your knowledge and hard work, the affiliates do as well, and the recipients of your information gather new knowledge about the world that they did not have before. It is a winning scenario for everyone, and this helps explain why Anik Singal has created such a stir in the online community.

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Ways to generate traffic to your site – IBS

Getting traffic to your website or blog may sound funny, driving a reasonable amount of traffic to your web site or blog does not mean you should spend all your money on paid ads and other promotional schemes. There are many ways to get people to your website without spending too much on ads If you have had it though getting the ideal traffic method that takes nothing much away from your pocket while at it, this post is definitely for you. Here are some of the ways to get traffic to your blog or website at an affordable cost.

Internet Marketing: This is solely commercialization of products online or doing business via the web. It is an excellent method used in driving targeted traffic to your website or blog. You can do this in many ways via the internet. Some of the modern methods are affiliate marketing, Search engine optimization (SEO), MLM or networking, social networking, Google ads, article writing, blogging, keyword research and numerous others.

Affiliate Marketing

As a product owner, the cost of advertising your product to the potential buyers at the first launch of a product is not as cheap as we think it to be. Too much money is involved in doing this. The entrepreneur can implore the use of affiliate marketers to promote this product on a commission basis- affiliate marketing. He gets the product listed and provides affiliate links to various marketers who does this and get commission at the record of any successful sale. It will help attract unlimited traffic to your website or blog. You can see that this method is of real advantage to the entrepreneur as all the spending on the advertisement is done by the affiliate marketer.


SEO otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization is one of the traditional method used by internet marketers to drive massive traffic to their website.SEO is of two methods, the On Page SEO and Off page SEO. On page SEO is applicable when you write the content of the site specifically targeting some important keywords people search . It will assist the search engine to recognize the website quickly and thereby to get it optimized. When you do SEO on the header of the pages of the site, it is called off-page SEO.

Google Ads

Google advertising through Google platform called Adwords is one of the cheapest methods of getting your product or service to the target buyer/user one can implore. It is cheap, and it helps greatly in promoting your website or blog. This advertisement method gives room for the user to target any particular group of the audience by niche, product, location, age, country, sex, race and even religion. It is very easy to operate. Once you get it right, you are on the route to unlimited traffic and sales.

Facebook Ads

 Last on my list, is Facebook ads. Facebook advertising is only used in Facebook and targets Facebook users in the selected location .Facebook has both paid and free ads. You can do free advertisement in Facebook walls, groups and pages but this is usually monitored and restricted by the management of Facebook. It is more advisable to use the paid ads if you have a product you want to promote.

In conclusion, the advertising method to use should depend on the nature of service or product you are promoting. It is more advantageous to use the paid ads than using the regular free ads.

Facebook advertising is utilized in Facebook and targets Facebook users in the selected location. Facebook has both paid and free ads. You can do free advertisement in Facebook walls, groups and pages but this is usually monitored and restricted by the management of Facebook. It is more advisable to use the paid ads if you have a product you want to promote.

In conclusion, the advertising method used should depend on the nature of service or product you are promoting. It is more advantageous to use the paid ads than using the regular free ads.



EZ Popups Review

Building effective lead pages is about enhancing the experiences of your users. Raising up conversions is merely about keeping people on your site for as long of a time as possible and knowing how to get people buying. Popups have always been a popular tool for attaining more conversions and keeping people on your site as they try to exit the page. Popups are great to use, but only the right approach and effective graphic design can make this a powerful tool. EZPopups makes it easier to utilize the power of this tool to increase conversions and boost sales.

Sean Donahoe created this easy tool to get these popups added to your utilizing systematic designs to guarantee that people stay on your site. Sean is a successful marketer who has created hugely successful products, and this is one tool you need.

What Exactly Is This Tool?

This online software makes it easy for you to setup your sites and lead pages to better increase conversions using popups. When people close your site, a popup will prevent them from leaving the site, asking them to stay. You also will receive other versions of popups like email popups. These will basically have popups of your opt in page. When people arrive on your site, you can use this tool to have your email newsletter popup and entice your readers to join. You can build your following and build a list when you have your opt in offer popping up the moment people sign up to your site.ez pop ups image

What Do You Get?

You get a wide variety of features and additional tools to use to help make sure you increase conversions. For example, you get the main drag and drop popup builder, 50+ top notch templates, mobile compatible graphics, detailed analytical tools, smart audience targeting tricks, custom designed funnels, and every tip in the book to help you succeed.

Pros And Cons

The main benefit is that this tool is that it’s so easy to use. In fact, all it takes is as little as 30 short seconds to create a successful campaign to start using. You can have your own opt in design or even email popups ready in the next few minutes on your site. The best part is that all of these popups can be used on virtually any site, whether it’s a WordPress theme or a FREE Blogger blog.

The only con may be that it may take some time to get the gist of all the technical information inside. You really need to take your time to really know what is going on. Be sure to enjoy all the FREE guides inside to help you utilize this powerful tool so that you see a ton of growth.

EZPopups is ultimately the best thing to have if you are looking to increase conversions and bring people in. This single tool can get people into your site and signing up to your list fast. This is definitely worth the investment if you want to take your site to the next level.

Launching: March 29th at 11AM EST

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What is SEO and how does it work? – IBS

In a world of today, as technology is increasing day by day, many developments are being done. These developments are leading to the prosperity. But it should be in mind that there are 2 aspects of every matter. As SEO is being gone to discuss here, this is a very good program nowadays and its ranking is too much high in the world of internet marketing.

SEO is actually the Search Engine Optimization. For what purpose it is used? Well, in internet marketing & business, this tool is used and its use is increasing with the ongoing internet marketing. There are many search engines for internet marketing and online business like;

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo, etc

These are discussed because their ranking in searching is highly ranked and it is always payment free as payment is a paid with search ads. So, SEO is the power tool that processes to get the traffic from natural, organic, editorial as well as free search results from these search engines. On these search engines many videos, images or local listings are ranked according to their positions in the field of online business, SEO helps in such sense, as it is a very powerful and helping tool.

Internet marketing is mostly useful and employed in the sense of making business for the purpose of sharing images or advertisements. These advertisements demand to place on search engines and SEO tool helps in giving you place over the online business. In the internet marketing, a product for its fame takes time but Search Engine Optimization is the best guide for the tutorials.

Performance-based marketing is usually known as Affiliated marketing, as the name refers affiliation, means to attract the visitor and customers by affiliated marketing efforts made by own. Affiliate marketing and Internet marketing collapse with each other always in the online business. Affiliate marketing mostly uses the regular advertising methods; one of those methods is SEO that is Search Engine Optimization. The third party is always involved in this. It is frequently visited by advertisers while search engines optimize these. This is all commonly an online business.

SEO in the field of online marketing is actually a discipline that grows with the visibility of non-paid and organic search engines. This tool helps in ranking, traffic of drive as well as awareness in the search engine. SEO is linked from your word to the other links in internet marketing. The best way to understand this is that this actually tells whether your advertisement is able to rank in any search engine or, in other words, this gives quality to your site or product. SEO makes your site better for the visitors to visit again and again. In the field of internet marketing, affiliated marketing, and online business, SEO makes your friendly to the search engines. There is much trafficking of links over an online business, SEO helps in improving your site traffic more visible to the search engines. So, before you launch your product, advertisement, site or blog, always follow this tools namely SEO, Search Engine Optimization.




What are Backlinks? – IBS

How do Backlinks Work on a Website

If you have studied or read anything about Search Engine Optimization, SEO, then you must have come across the term backlinks. If you are coming across the term for the first time, you are probably asking yourself why they are very important. Over time backlinks have become so important that they are considered the major building blocks to SEO. In this post, we take a look at what backlinks are and why they are important.backlinks

What are backlinks and how do they work?

Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are links that direct people to your website from other sites. The number of backlinks a website has is an indication of how popular it is or its importance. Backlinks play a great role in a website’s SEO since most such engines prioritize sites that have quality backlinks in their results and consider such websites to be more relevant.

When search engines work out the relevance of a site they consider the quality of inbound links. You should therefore not merely be satisfied with getting backlinks to your site but should look at getting quality inbound links. Search engines consider the content of sites to determine the quality of backlinks you get from them. If you receive backlinks from a website that has content that is related to the content of your site, then the backlink is considered to be relevant. If the inbound links come from sites that have content that is unrelated to your site then it is considered irrelevant. The more relevant an inbound link, the greater it’s quality.

For example if you have a website that is about rescuing orphaned dogs, and you receive a backlink from a website about caring for dogs, the backlink is relevant from a search engines perspective; unlike that of a backlink from a plumbing website. The quality of the backlink is solely dependent on the relevance of the source of the link.

Search engines want a level playing field for websites and look at natural links built over time. While you may manipulate links to your site to get higher search engine ranks, it is difficult to influence the ranking through external links from other websites.

Another reason for getting quality backlinks is to convince people to visit your site. You can’t have a website and expect to get visitors without leading them. To get visitors, you need to get word out about the site; this you can achieve through affiliate marketing programs and internet marketing that are both great for SEO.

Quality backlinks are important for Search Engine Optimization(SEO) therefore, they should be made a priority in your efforts.



Ways to Make Money Using the Internet – IBS

Online jobs and money-making opportunities have began to pique interest in people all over the world because of the ever-declining economy and the ever-growing need for work shift flexibility. Online work and Internet generation allows the entrepreneur to define his or her schedule and create a continuous stream of income that can supplement the person’s current income. The following are seven avenues to take for a person who wants to know how to make money online. The business-minded person can start an online business using these tips:

1. Conduct Online Sales

Getting involved with online sales and marketing is an excellent way for a person to earn money online. An individual can start an online sales and marketing business on a site like eBay or The online sales industry is so productive now that entrepreneurs no longer have to keep inventory in their homes. They can sell products for other companies, and those companies will ship the products from their warehouses. This type of work involves nothing more than proficiency on a computer and the ability to use software. No shipping is involved in most cases.

2. Start an Online Business in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Thousands of companies across the globe offer online affiliate marketing and Internet marketing opportunities to ambitious people who can generate sales and interest. Internet marketing is an incentive program that provides monetary rewards to people who recommend company products and services enough to increase sales for that company. For example, Starbucks has an online affiliate marketing offer in which it provides coffee, tea and other incentives to people who promote its products on a personal website.

A person who is involved in online affiliate programs does not have to do much other than mention a product and provide links to it. The amount of pay that the person earns in online affiliate programs depends on that person’s exposure to potential clients and the persuasiveness that he or she has.

3. Design Web Pages

Web design is another area that can bring money into a person’s home. A creative personality can start a web design business if that person has a knack for writing web page code. The individual can perform the work for a few people and then get some positive feedback that will help to land him or her additional jobs.

4. Offer Self Help Services

Self improvement and self help services is another area where a person an earn extra money. Life coaching, counseling and advisory services are completely legal. The individual can take a training course and get the certification for the work. Such services are wonderful ways to make money because the person who offers them can make up his or her rates.

Self-help resources can help the entrepreneur, as well. Self improvement and self help books can also help an entrepreneur come up with new ideas to enhance the business’s success. Such books can be found at the local library or online.

5. Perform Contracted Customer Service

Customer service is something that will always need talented people with friendly personalities and speedy multitasking abilities. Corporations are moving away from the physical CS workforce and leaning toward hiring agents who work from home and help their clients. A business-minded individual can grab a job as a customer service representative and work the hours that agree with his or her schedule. Customer service positions include tasks such as answering calls, solving billing issues, selling products and services, and explaining how to use products and services. Customer service jobs do not have much overhead associated with them. The individual usually just needs a computer, high-quality headset and a strong Internet connection.

6. Start a Medical Coding Business

Medical coding is another way that a person can start a work-from-home business. The process of medical coding involves taking doctor’s notes and transferring the information and attaching codes that can aid the billing process. A person can receive medical coding certification in less than one year. Many positions are available for contractors who want to invest in the software that is necessary to do the work. Medical coding classes teach the student medical terminology as well as the number system that he or she needs to learn to effectively code the material.

7. Write for Other People

Finally, writing opportunities are available for people who enjoy the craft and have a fair handle on the English language. Clients need articles, blog posts, product descriptions, reviews, web page content and the like. Writing can be a fun opportunity for a person to earn money while doing something that he or she loves.

The previously mentioned opportunities is not an exhaustive list. In fact, the number of online money-making opportunities is becoming larger by the day. Business-minded people can start with this list and then branch off into relevant areas to supplement their income.


Long Tail Pro Review

Many people want to make money online with internet marketing, but find it a daunting task, which prevents them from even trying. Of the few who do make an attempt, most give up after a few months. But making money online does not have to be difficult; with the right plan, anyone can make a full-time income online. SEO is the best way to do this. If you are skilled, you can generate free, targeted traffic to your website or blog. While the keywords related to the most profitable niches have a lot of competition, long tail keywords can be used to easily rank on Google and other search engines. The problem is that finding long tail keywords is difficult and time-consuming, but this is where Long Tail Pro, a keyword research tool, comes in.

Long Tail Pro

When it comes to keyword research software, Long Tail Pro is one of the most well-known on the market. You simply type in the keyword you want to look up, and it will automatically generate a list of related keywords and the number of times each one gets searched for each month. The best part about Long Tail Pro is that you can search several keywords at the same time, which can save you hours of research time. You also have the option to display or hide international traffic, title competition, and domain availability, which makes this tool great for internet marketing.


While the standard version has a lot to offer, Long Tail Platinum enables you to look up keyword competitiveness, which tells you how hard it will be to rank for certain keywords. The keyword competitiveness is ranked on a scale from 1 to 100; the higher the number, the harder it will be to rank that keyword. This feature alone is invaluable. If you have a new website, target keywords with a keyword competitiveness below 23. But if you are have authority site, feel free to test the waters and see how high you can go. When you use the keyword competitiveness tool, it prevents you from wasting time and effort on keywords that are not going to bring you any traffic.

Who it’s For

Long Tail is a great resource for anyone who does affiliate marketing or SEO. By simplifying and speeding up the keyword research process, it enables you to operate more efficiently. Long tail is great for bloggers as well. They can use the keyword research list to generate ideas for their next blog post. Not only will this help you get ranked on Google, but it will also give you great ideas of topics to write about based on what people are searching for on Google.

Final Thoughts

When you want to make money online, keyword research software is one of the best ways to do it. Long Tail Pro takes the difficult task of SEO research and enables you to do it in seconds, which enhances productivity and earning potential. Whether you do affiliate marketing, internet marketing, or just want to promote your business, this software could make your task simple and easy.


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