Pakhtunkhwa, Women doing business doing online curtains

When you have to hang behind the scenario, you cannot open a store or shop to run your business. That is why women in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have turned towards online business.
Abid Jailani is a pioneer of domestic products in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. She is living in a house running her own business and has named her 'Dharal'. The Darius is a Pashto word called 'Delhi'. Its aim is that you will enjoy your favorite things like you. It is also called 'Home Delivery' in the alias commonly.
Abid Jilani started his business with the Internet 15 years ago, and provided a new way to women who prefer to live.
After the death of her husband, Abid Jailani decided to sit down at home and start a business to become a family member instead of burying the problem.
They learned sewing and started business with Rs. 5,000. Today they show domestic products throughout the province.
Abid Jailani says that a woman is like a fairy like a soft and frosty. Once he succeeds, everyone has to believe in his skills.
Some areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are suitable for investment where demand for women's clothing, embroidery, block printing, wool and other items is high. Some women have also launched the work of home decorations, charming frames, hairstyle, bags, jewelry and make-up equipment, spreading this online business and made online pages for it.
These women also organize exhibitions for women only in their homes.
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Agency, Manager of the Central and Medium Enterprises Development Authority, says Nabila Decree, says it is the result of women's local and foreign companies, access to government and non-governmental organizations. The situation is changing now. There was a time that Pakhtoon women were considered backward, now they are competing in the national market with the items made in their home. They want to impress people with their own ability and are looking at it very successful.
A child's widow, Rizha Bano, started working with a sewing machine and today she is the mistress of her booty. They say that all this was not so easily but I never got scared to get into trouble.
Orakzai is a representative of a company located in Dubai, who sells iTechers. The angel said that women will no longer have to hurt the shops. Now they can opt out of goods at home by selecting custom stuff and ordering them on the website.
Javed Iqbal Khattak, head of the Central and Medium Enterprises Development Authority, said that the government has initiated steps to provide financial assistance and training to women so that they can improve their business better.
The Carnadas Pakistan organization also supports various women in various ways, including research, new trends, digital platform availability and financial support.
The State Bank has started the 'Credit Guarantee Scheme' to give women up to 1.5 million rupees for business.
Besides, the National Incubation Center Peshawar also helps women establish a personalized digital platform to better operate their business.

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